Thursday, 21 August 2014

Harmful effects of masturbation.

You can read or listen all over internet and via other people that masturbation is healthier. Most of people just tell you lie about it, and other do know about it.

Here I am not going to tell you that masturbation is healthier or not, here I am just going to tell you about harmful effects of masturbation and all the information is based on my personal knowledge and experience. I gain this knowledge by myself and by watching other known people's life.

1. Effect on body health - Actually semen takes 4 to 8 days(depend on person to person) to produce in body and to produce small amount of good quality semen you need to eat lot of healthier food, protein and minerals etc. If you do not ejaculate your semen though sexual activities, it give strength to your body, make your muscles and bones stronger. If you continue waste you semen just for fun and enjoy several times in week then it will make your health dull.

2. Effects on bones- If you do extreme masturbation (8 to 10 times in week) and continue this habit for long time like for six month then this will make harmful effects on your bones. When person try to masturbate lot in short amount to time them he or she started to ejaculate type of white part of bone which include phosphorus, carbon and other minerals which are extracted from bones.
If you masturbate lot then you feel your knees and elbow joints start to make sound on moving just like very old person.

3. Effect on your face - By watching a person's face you can tell that how much he masturbate or include in sexual activities. And even you can tell which hand he use lot to masturbate. Those who masturbate lot their cheeks started to shrink, narrow and go inside just opposite of chubby. Pimples are natural in young age but those who masturbate, for them pimples and acne create big problems. They increase in numbers and make bigger in size on face. Make spots on face. By that face look ugly. Masturbation also make asymmetric you face for example if person masturbate lot from his right hand then his face will be narrow and asymmetric from right side.

4. Effects on your life- Those who masturbate lot they not be able to focus on their work and their social life. Person can't able to talk to other by making eye contact because of lack of confidence. People those who masturbate lot, try to live lonely and  can;t able to live happy. Students with this habit can't focus on study.

5. Effects on buttocks - By watching person butts you can tell how much he or she masturbate. By masturbating lot buttocks gone inside from side part and by slowly slowly you found that lot part and size of buttocks will be reduce or disappear. It take months to years but he/she can feel that their butts not look like their teen age. (This effect info is little bit awkward and funny but true). They are started to look like pornstar's butts.

6. Effect on penis - Masturbation makes penis curvy because most of people mostly masturbate by their one favorite hand and that's particular hand's finger grip make his penis curvy from that particular side. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. And most of people
do not use lubricant during masturbation which also do harmful effect on penis. Actually god make penis for vagina and god already provide lot of glands inside wall of vagina. (May be god don't know human will start masturbation from hand otherwise god also provide lube in hand- just kidding).

7. Effect on your sports and physical activities - Coach of national teams like boxing, gymnastic, runner teams give advice to their players, not to masturbate or sex. month before their competitions and championships. Because they know masturbation reduce will their lot of energy and stamina. After masturbation you feel like lack of energy and feel like you need a long sleep rest.

8. OCD - OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is very common among those who masturbate lot. Because of OCD these people cannot concentrate on their work. Mostly they do every simple task repeatedly for satisfy their own OCD. Like they wash their hands again and again, they check their gate lock repeatedly etc. So because of OCD, life is kind of mess for them.

9. Effects on hairs and eyes - Masturbation also reason behind blurry eye sight and hair loss in men and women.

10. Effect on memory - Masturbation also make your memory weak. And Excessive masturbation also cause mental illness.

11. Effect on age process - Person who masturbate a lot tends to age faster and you will see symptoms of older person like white hair, wrinkles etc in you before actual age.

12. Effects on social life - Desire for isolation, moodiness, depression, laziness, less self respect, sadness, suicidal thoughts, etc these are also common symptoms in person who masturbate daily.

8. Effects on cloths, walls, bedsheets, pillow, your presence in home (LOL)- If person masturbate lot then whenever he/she see any little amount of sexual thing or activity like cleavage, girls in bikini, kiss or bla bla in movies then he just started leaking little amount of seamen through his penis because his mind is highly addicted to this kind of things.
Funny stuff - ya by masturbation sometime you make dirty your cloths, wall, bedsheets  and seamen stain sometime not be able to wash easily and sometime make you embarrass in front of you parents.
And sometime your parents feels bad for you when you keep yourself locked yourself in room whole day. Actually they know everything by seeing your face and daily habits and they are waiting for caught you in action someday - just kidding lolzz..... but this is seriously correct stuff.

So do not masturbate, if you do not agree with me lets do this - just do not masturbate for one month then tell me how you feel.

If you do not masturbate for one year then I am sure that you will feel like superman and feel like you can capable to do any thing this world. Just keep your self busy and eat proper diet, do exercise and do not masturbate for one year and compare your picture of now and after one year with this schedule then you can feel these changes after one year - more healthier, more symmetrical shiny and glorious face, more fat but not at belly or stomach, look fit, more happy, more focused, more successful etc.

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